Thursday, December 30, 2010

Google Doodle MMXI

The Google Doodle MMXI; welcomes the New Year 2011. It used the Roman Numbers for 2011 which is MMXI. The Google doodle showed fireworks display that usually happens as we welcome the coming year.

MommyLESsons would also like to greet all the bloggers and visitors of this blog a very Happy New Year! May the coming MMXI be prosperous to each and everyone of us!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gift of Love Song

This video was made by my hubby during our 1st wedding anniversary. I was browsing old files in the computer and I saw this one. Watching it made me smile and realize that I am happy and contented with my life right now. I have nothing more to ask. Others would assume that we are pretending to be happy couple; but we know ourselves more than anyone else.

MMFF 2010 Film Entries

thanks to Google for the photo
Yearly the movie entries of the Metro Manila Film Festival are very much anticipated by the Philippine moviegoers. These movies are shown on Christmas Day that is why most movies are family oriented. Although there are few horror movies on the entries. The movie Shake Rattle and Roll is already on its 12th year; and it is shown every Christmas Day except for the its first offering.
Here is the list of movie entries for the MMFF 2010 :
  • Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote (starring Bong Revilla and Vic Sotto)
  • Fr. Jejemon (starring Dolphy)
  • Ang Tanging Ina nyong Lahat Last na Ito (starring Ai-ai delas Alas)
  • Shake Rattle and Roll XII (trilogy starring Carla Avellana)
  • Super Inday and the Golden Bibe (starring Marian Rivera)
  • Dalaw (starring Kris Aquino)
  • Rosario (starring Jennylyn Mercado)
  • RPG Metanoia (3D animated film)
Let us support the Philippine movie industry by patronizing all the entries of MMFF 2010.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year of the Rabbit 2011

Thanks to Google for the photo
The year of the rabbit will officially start on February 3, 2011. This will be a placid year compared to the year of the tiger of 2010. The coming year will be generally calm and quiet to the point wherein people will become to lax in implementing law, rules and regulations.
2011 is the year of Metal Rabbit ; I was born 1975 and I am a Wood Rabbit. This is how Wood Rabbit people are described according to Chinese culture:

"People who are born in the year of Rabbit with the element of Wood are full of ideas. They appears to be very shrewd and somewhat outgoing. However, the truth is Wood Rabbit people can be quite fussy. They are detail oriented people where little things may upset them quickly. Wood Rabbit people are also very stubborn, especially in romance. A bad relationship may leave a life-long scar on them. Wood Rabbit people never share their opinions in the public and they are good at keeping a secret. They are usually very lucky when encounter a problem because someone will always pull them out of the mess."

What do we expect for the year of the Metal Rabbit? Well in general, the Rabbit encourages saving (conserving money, resources and goods) , sound investments (lower interest, longer term and more certain to yield) , beautification projects (property and personal - even plastic surgery) , enduring love (marriage, babies, acquisition of property, pets and friendships) and learning (courses in myriad and sundry subjects) Choose to involve yourself in any of the above and your year will go swimmingly. Should you choose otherwise and wax aggressive, antagonistic or pushy, you will be swimming upstream all the way.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

Latest picture with my kids, we stayed overnight at a vacation villa and here is our photo after a good night rest. Hope you had a good Christmas and looking forward to a wonderful and Happy New Year this 2011.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

My First Blog Contest Entry

I saw this blog contest by blankpixels during one of my blog hopping days. I told myself why not join the contest; I've got nothing to lose; in fact I have more to gain. So I followed the mechanics and instructions on how to join the contest.
I wrote my piece, entitled Changes In My Life. I just did my usual routines in writing a blog post; no fuzz and frills. So added effects like photos or whatsoever. I just want to share a part of me to my blog visitors and on the other hand, hopeful that my contest piece would be chosen.
I guess I had what you call beginner's luck. I won second prize of the contest by blankpixels. If you want to check out other winners of the contest you can visit her site.

More Christmas Presents for the Kids

On Christmas eve, the  kids were so excited to open their gifts from their Tita Popot and Tito Cholo. So after hearing mass, they proceeded to opening their gifts. They received some of the gifts on their Christmas wishlist. Come Christmas morning, they were so eager to get up and check the gifts they received from Santa Claus. The smile on their faces were priceless. They got the Waveboard, RC car and Transformer toys; plus additional gifts from Mamita and Pop. Later that day, they got more presents from their Tita Pong and Mama Sha. Of course, my youngest received another toy from her Lola and the older boys received their aguinaldo.
Today is the 26th of December, and we thought that there will be no more gifts to come for the kids. To our surprise, Mamita and Pop bought them again another batch of toys. A RC car for Jet, Soccer ball for Gab and Basketball with basketball ring for Jeon. The boys were too excited that they played the entire day. They were too tired to eat dinner that they doze of to sleep early.
This Christmas is definitely unforgettable for my children. Because they got everything on their Christmas list and even more. I just wish that they will see Christmas as more than receiving gifts; but we are trying to teach them the real meaning of Christmas. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Celebration Aftermath

Just got home from a Christmas holiday at Fontana Leisure Park with family (my side and hubby's side). It was a quiet and relaxing vacation. Spent the entire day, bumming around.

On the night of Christmas; we went to a casino; and it was my first time to visit such place. I tried my luck playing the slot machine; and won a couple of hundreds. I was with my mom and she was sitting beside me and I guess she is much luckier than I am; she hit the jackpot of  54Thousand PHP. A great Christmas present and a looking forward to a wonderful new year celebration too.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yummy Christmas Gift

Last week, when my hubby met up with boss Fedhz to get my hard-earned moolah; she gave me her advanced Christmas gift. It was my boss' famous and yummy polvoron. She told me a beautiful story about her famous polvoron and I was really looking forward to have a taste of the equally popular polvoron of boss Fedhz.

So when she told me that she gave a big pack of it to my hubby; I immediately called hubby to inform him not to touch the polvoron until he reaches our home. As the obedient hubby that he is, the pack of polvoron is still intact when he came home.

Boss Fedhz' Polvoron
Amongst the different kinds to flavor; according to my kids the Cookies and Cream is the best (boohoo! I didn't get the chance to taste that particular flavor). She also have peanut butter flavored polvoron and the crunchy polvoron too. 

A lot of people are placing orders; this would be perfect Christmas gifts to friends who love sweets. It is very Filipino too. So, if there are still persons on your Christmas list that you have not bought or given gifts yet; visit to get hold of boss Fedhz; I am not quite sure yet on how to place orders for her yummy polvoron.

$3500+ Christmas Giveaways

I came across this blog site: and he is having a $3500+ of Christmas giveaways. The contest rules and mechanics are pretty simple yet the prizes at stake are unbelievable. There are a lot of generous sponsors for the contest, namely:
The prizes at stake includes: $3,500+ worth of prizes – premium WordPress themes, premium WordPress plugin, web hosting, domains, cash and many more. Like for instance the first prize winner would receive this wonderful prize package:
1-year Publisher Plan from Scribe SEO ($324)
1 Pro-Plus package from StudioPress ($249.95)
1 Developer Theme Package from WooThemes ($150)
1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM ($69)
1-year Freedom-CDN Plan from WP Webhost ($120)
1-year Pro Account from Wibiya Web Toolbar ($118.80)
1-year Starter Plan from Reinvigorate ($100)
1-year subscription to Website Monitoring from ($59)
1-year subscription to Privacy Pro from Privacy Pro ($35.95)
1-year domain (.com/.net/.org/.info) courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente ($11.99)
$20 cash via PayPal courtesy of DiTesco

There would be Second, Third and Fourth Prize winners too. Consolation prizes will also be given; plus Globe Tattoo dongles would also be awarded to 5 lucky contestants. There are actually a lot of prizes at stake. If you want to see for yourself the list of prizes and giveaways; visit; who knows you might win some of the prizes.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Emergency Cleaning Tips

It's only three days away before the much awaited Christmas Day. During Christmas Day, family reunions usually happen. When we say family; it means a lot of kids are going to invade your home. It's the kids favorite time of the year; so they may get too hype and can be very difficult to handle.
Having kids as visitors could mean a lot of drinks and food spillage that could stain your favorite dress or you seat cover. Be ready for bubble gum stains too! These are just some of the cleaning worries that bother most mothers.
Google for the photo
I hope these simple emergency cleaning tips could help you go through the holidays:

  • To remove candy stains on your upholstery and carpet; mix detergent with water then blot on the upholstery and then another mixture of 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 of water then blot on the stain again. Then sponge with clean water to remove the stain.
  • Chewing gum can be removed with the use of small amount of dry-cleaning solvent blot it on the spot; then mix warm water with detergent then blot on the chewing gum spot again.
  • Chocolate and catsup stains are inevitable, so to solve this you need to mix detergent with warm water and then blot on the spot. Afterwards, mix 1/2 teaspoon of household ammonia and half cup water and on the stain spot blot it again. Then clean with water using sponge.
These are the most common stain problems that may happen during the Christmas celebration. So let your guards down when you see kids running around; you have these simple remedies that will help you with the Christmas emergency cleaning.

Are you ready to have fun this Christmas Day? Remember it only happens once a year so relax and enjoy the occasion.
The pointless ocean moans on top of each conventional mathematics.

TCP Entry: Home Alone

This week's theme for TCP is about Family Christmas; I only have one movie in mind when it comes to family Christmas movie and that would be "Home Alone". I have seen almost all the Home Alone movies and it never failed to touch my heart.

Macaulay Caulkin was still very young then and I have to admit that he was a very cute and adorable kid. I think most Filipino families can relate to this movie because extended family is part of our culture. We celebrate important events such as Christmas with all the members of the family; it is a sort of reunion and that could really be very stressful most especially to kids.

thanks to google
Parents would learn a lot in this movie. Sometimes we take for granted our kids feelings towards certain situation because we thought we know what is right. We tend to overreact on their whining and punish them without really knowing how they feel.

For more family Christmas movies, visit other TCP entries.

Happy Holidays to everyone, have a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas General Cleaning

I think I am about to lose my sanity, with just four days to go before Christmas, it's time to do more Christmas general cleaning of the house. The general cleaning done before the Christmas decors were placed is no longer seen in the house. With all the visitors that we have for the past couple of days; we definitely have a topsy-turvy house.
Clothes occupy half of the kids room; it needs to be sorted out to check whether these clothes fit them or not. I do this every year before Christmas because I need to give old but still presentable clothes to the people in our barrio. So I am quite busy entertaining visitors, cooking for them, cleaning the house and other endless chores. 
My hands are quite handful until the end of the season; good thing I have less work to attend to all of the household chores.
I am not complaining; at least I can still find couple of minutes to update my blog.
How about you? Is your home ready and clean when Santa Claus pays visit to your kids? If it is, oh my! I definitely envy you!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Philippine Peso

Have you seen the new Philippine peso bills? This time around, Ninoy Aquino is not lonely; in fact he is all smiles because he is beside the "Woman He Loved Three Times"; former President Cory Aquino. Another plus factor with the new 500 peso bill is the signature of their only son; President Noynoy Aquino.
On the reverse side of the new peso bills you'll see different scenic spots plus the animals that can be found only here in the Philippines.  These banknotes are called the "new generation" bills. However, a lot of people are criticizing the new banknotes. According to them there are a lot of errors in it.

As for my two cents; I like looking at the new banknotes. It is nice to see faces of the famous people smiling at you whenever you get hold of that 500 peso bill.

What do you think about the new Philippine peso bills?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Presents from My Mom

It's been two years since the last I saw my mom, and it's been 12 years since the last time she spent Christmas in the Philippines. She arrived from Italy last Thursday, but she just went to see us yesterday. My kids were all excited on what their Mamita has brought for them. An advanced Christmas present that they got was Wii. Oh my! there were too eager to play with it, that I need to call their attention many times just to lunch.
Her present for me, was a notebook. She knows that my desktop PC is wornout and ready to give up anytime. So she gave me a notebook so I can go on with my blogging and of course do my online work too.
For hubby, she gave hime a home theater system(minus the LCD TV). He was as excited as the kids, and can't wait to set it up. His aim right now is to rearrange the house to accomodate his Christmas present from his Mother-in-law.

Christmas present makes the occasion extra exciting; but what really matters is our presence on the celebration of the occasion. How about you? Have you received any advanced Christmas present yet? Or were you able to give advance Christmas presents to those people you love.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mommy Knows No Fear

Admit it or not; but most of us Moms are always frantic and we fear almost everything most especially if we know that it can harm our children. But a 44 year-old mom is literally not afraid of anything. Snakes? Spiders? Haunted houses? Name it, and she is definitely a mommy who knows no fear.

According to studies conducted with the Fearless Mommy; she has a rare genetic brain-damaged  which damage a specific brain structure called Amygdala.
As Wikipedia described it, "it is almond-shaped groups of nuclei located deep within the medial temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates, including humans.[2] Shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing and memory of emotional reactions" It is the one responsible for making people feel fear in threatening situations.

Being fearless can be really dangerous most especially to mothers like us. We need to identify what is dangerous and what is not. However, it could be an advantage too because she is able to show example of bravery and courage to her kids. But in totality, I would rather be called coward or panicky in several occasions rather than be totally fearless.

How about you? What could be your greatest fear? Or are you pretty much like the Fearless Mommy?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ligligan Parul : Giant Lantern Festival

Every year the City of San Fernando Pampanga hold a competition for Giant lanterns or known as Ligligan Parul. Too bad I would not able to watch it this year, because we have moved to a new place. However, we can still see these remarkable giant lanterns during Christmas eve at the Cathedral in City of San Fernando.

It is one of the most awaited event in the lantern capital of the Philippines. The Kapampangans' talent and skills in making the giant lantern is one event that you should not miss. To give you a glimpse of the Ligligan Parul entries of 2009; check out the video. Be awed and mesmerize on how the Kapampangans can create such work of art. Did I mention that these Giant lanterns are manually controlled by more than two people? They use a steering wheel to manipulate the lights; and if the "driver" knows how to dance to the beat, it will definitely reflect on the giant lantern.

This is the entry of last year's champion. Brgy Dolores, City of San Fernando Pampanga.

This is something that we Filipinos can be truly proud of, am I right?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TCP Entry: Santa Claus Movie

I had a hard time deciding on what Santa  movie to post; because I haven't seen any except the movie Santa Clause. As I was checking the net for some photos of my chosen movie; I came across this very old Santa Claus movie entitled Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town. Although I have not seen the movie yet, but I would definitely try to download this movie so me and my kids can watch it. This was made before the 3D animated film came to life.

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town is a 1970 stop motion TV special and it used models carved from wood this is made by Rankin-Bass. The special was starred by Hollywood actor Fred Astaire who was the voice of S.D. Kluger and he was also the narrator of the stop motion special. The voice of Mickey Rooney was used for Santa Claus / Kris Kringle. The film tells us about the traditions that we have during Christmas and gives us the story of Santa Claus too.

Visit other TCP entries for more Santa Claus movies.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Supreme Court Acquitted Hubert Webb et al

Google for the photo

I was still in high school when the controversial Vizconde massacre happened. At that time, we still live in BF Homes and the massacre happened in one of the villages inside BF Homes Paranaque. So it was really a big news in our area. Fingers were all pointing to Hubert Webb and his friends, until they were convicted for the crime 15 years ago. This time, the Supreme Court reversed the decision of the lower court and acquitted Hubert Webb et al.

Prosecution failed to prove their guilt beyond reasonable doubts; despite testimonies from Jessica Alfaro who is the primary witness. Supreme Court ruled out her testimonies and said that these testimonies cannot be relied upon.

As a parent, my reaction to this issue is mixed. I pity Lauro Vizconde for losing his family because of a non-sense crime; on the other hand, since Hubert Webb et al were acquitted they spent 15 years and 6 months of their lives inside the jail. Only to be decided later on that they were not guilty; they can no longer go back to those years lost.

I wish our justice system would work overtime in solving crimes; our time spent here on the face of the earth is in the hands of our Creator; we don't have the luxury of time. We must do whatever it is we can do today for we are not sure if there is still tomorrow.

How do you feel about the Supreme Court's acquittal of Hubert Webb et al? Did they make the right decision this time?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Making Money Online

I have been working full time as a content writer, and a part-time virtual assistant. I have never kept track on my earnings, and as I was checking the history payments received in my Paypal account, I was surprised that I have actually earned this much. My salary is paid on a weekly basis and I am quite satisfied with how things are doing.

Aside from my full-time job; I could still get additional work from my boss Fedhz for additional income. According to her, I suit very well the title of VA not as Virtual Assistant but as Very Addict.

How about you, have you tried to work online? If you are in need of a ghost writer and a VA; I can be of service to you. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flowers on Saturday

These orchid blooms were taken in my MIL's garden. When we were still staying with them, I make it appoint to take care of the flowers in the garden as often as I can. She has so many orchid plants and these violet orchid blooms are one of them.

Bluberry craft and hobby time

Friday, December 10, 2010

Human Rights Day 2010

 As a mom, we are most concern on what is happening in our surroundings. It is very unfortunate that on a daily basis we hear about so many human rights violations happening around us. Today is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Day. The key principle for the Human Rights Day is “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights".

Age, gender, race and other things does not matter; all humans should be treated equally. I admire the strength of those mothers who have children who were victims of human rights violation. I would not wish to be in their shoes; but I pray that God will continue to give them strength. I have read one very good quotes about a mother's feeling towards her child. A mother carries her child inside the womb for nine months and once she gives birth, she carries her child in her heart forever.

In reality, discrimination does exist and I think that most mothers would agree that we are all praying that none of our children would experience discrimination. In a way, Human Rights Day remind us that we as mothers should do everything to defend the rights of our children and our family.

Have you experienced any discrimination, most especially at work?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maggie Wilson's Controversial Pre Nup Video

It's the latest buzz in the Tinseltown, Maggie Wilson's Pre Nup video with Victor Consunji. The video brought about a lot of controversy especially in a conservative country like the Philippines. A lot of people gave their opinions about the video; some were in favor of it and most of the people were not.

We have our own ways of expressing our love. Maybe Maggie and her fiance wanted to beyond the traditional pre nuptial videos done by most couples. I actually admire them from expressing how they truly feel towards one another. Others even tweeted that it should have been a post nup or honeymoon video.

Google for the photo

As Maggie Wilson tweeted: "Love it or Hate's MY video" . So I guess that simply tells us that other people's opinion should not matter; as long as we can stand by our own principles and beliefs. This former Bb Pilipinas Miss World representative was brave enough to go against what is conventional.

What about you, do you want a pre nup video as controversial as Maggie Wilson's pre nuptial video?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Most Popular Christmas Gifts

If budget is not an issue when it comes to buying Christmas gifts; you may want to know what are the most popular Christmas gifts available in the market today. Of course, those cool gadgets would be on top of the list.

I would definitely like to give myself that Nintendo Wii. I need to workout but I don't like going out; so Nintendo Wii would be perfect for me!

My hubby would love to have one of those DSLR camera. That thing was on top of his Christmas wish list for the past two years. But we need to set our priorities, so we had to get a new house first (it's a housing loan!).

For my three kids? they would reply in unison - PSP! Regarding this matter, we have the budget to buy them PSP but we opted not to. We want them to go out and enjoy playing with real people rather than be stuck at home playing an electronic gadget.

Other most popular gifts would include an IPad, Iphone4 or Blackberry. What about you? If budget is not an issue which among the most popular gifts would you wish to have or to give?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Are You Done With Your Christmas Shopping?

With barely three weeks to go before Christmas, most of the people are done with their Christmas shopping. But I have not even started making my Christmas list yet. No gifts under the Christmas tree; but my youngest earnestly pray to Bro Jesus Christ. He pray that Bro Jesus Christ would instruct Santa Claus to give him his Christmas wish because he is a good boy. His wish? Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee of the Transformers. At least he knows what he wants! As with my other elder kids; they have outgrown Santa Claus so they have not decided what they want. That's a big problem for me!

Here is the unofficial Christmas gift list for my loved ones:
  1. Hubby - a nice longs sleeves polo shirt
  2. Jet (my eldest) - Time Magazine for Kids (he loves to read!)
  3. Gab (middle child) - a board game (again!); he wish to have UNO (let me think about that!)
  4. Jeon (bunso) - Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee of course!
  5. Toys for hubby's niece and nephew
  6. Salt and Pepper shaker and grinder for my cousins (Sha and Pong)
  7. MIL- blouse or dress
  8. Ima (my aunt) - cash!
  9. My mom (she'll be here this Christmas) - a spa treatment
  10. Hubby's granny - her favorite cookies
Since I barely see my nieces and nephews, I think cash gift would do just in case they decide to visit us. Wait! I don't have a gift for myself yet...I would get myself a schedule for breast enhancement surgery. Lol! I need to save more for that one; that will be my birthday for myself!

What about you? are you done with your Christmas shopping?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's Official!

My hubby is a telecommunications engineer; for the past three years he was working for one of the major vendors of telecoms equipment. He was on a project basis at that time; so yearly the company would have the option to renew his contract or not. The company that he works with pays well, however, there was no job security. Before his end contract last September 30th; we both decided that it's about time that he look for a job that would give him the security of tenure.

We patiently waited and prayed for the perfect company to offer him a new job. After two months of waiting; our prayers were answered. Now it's official; he is now part of the Digitel Mobile Philippines Inc. He was offered a competitive salary ; something which is equivalent to all the work he is expected of him. What's good about the job is the chance to get regularized and receive all the benefits due to a regular employee.

It is no longer hard for him to adjust with his new workmates; because he was actually handling some projects of Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. We started last December 1st and hopefully he would receive all the benefits and credits due of him; which he had not experience with his previous company.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Flowers on Saturday

My entry for this week is another Euphorbia flowers that you can see in our garden. However, this type has a pale pink color.
  Enjoy more beautiful flowers, check out the other entries of Flowers on Saturday.

Bluberry craft and hobby time

Hubby's Allergy Strikes Again

My husband is very sensitive when it comes to dust, pollen, mildews and molds.That is why I make it appoint to clean the house and our room as often as I can. When mold allergy symptoms start to show; it means that I missed out on the scheduled time for changing bed covers and curtains.

But sometimes even if the house is clean and bed covers, pillow cases and curtains are changed; hubby would still continue to sneeze all night. I pity him because he's having a hard time sleeping whenever his allergy attacks. I think there are mold allergy medicines and other methods to use in mold allergy treatment. I may need to check on those things soon before hubby's allergy starts to worsen.

Friday, December 3, 2010

First Philippine Celebrity Survivor

Tonight was the conclusion of the much awaited winner of the reality show Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition.  I was one of the many followers of this TV show; and have witnessed how these celebrities Outwit Outplay Outlast one another. I was quite happy with the result, I admire Akihiro Sato's attitude towards the game. He was proclaimed as the first Philippine Celebrity Survivor.

So to Akihiro Sato, congratulations and you deserve it!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let's Help Save Baby Ric Andrei

My boss Fedhz and I were talking about work, when she showed me the blogpost about Baby Ric Andrei. I have seen several posts about Baby Ric Andrei, but I never had the chance to read it because I pity the baby's condition.

Baby Ric Andrei is the son of Jade's cousin , the baby was born on his 7th month because the mother experienced pre-eclampsia. The doctors had to perform CS operation to deliver the baby. Unfortunately, both the mother and Baby Ric Andrei in fatal condition. Until now they are still in the hospital, and their bill has reached a million peso. The family is seeking for monetary assistance; here is the letter from the family:

"Thank you for those who have prayed, for those who have helped us and who are willing to help us more in the most difficult stage of our life struggling between life and death… Our baby boy Ric Andrei is still fighting in the ICU at Zulekha hospital in Dubai and until now we still don’t have enough money to cover all the expenses which may be up to 1 million in pesos or more… we hope that there are more kindhearted people who will help us and thank you for those who are continuously supporting us
And we are praying that the baby will be fine sooner…all your prayers are indeed badly needed and any financial assistance even small amount will be a great help for us… for any help you can spare us here is the bank account:
  • Bank Name- EmiratesNBD Bank
  • Account Number # 1102456650001
  • Account Name/ Title – Ricter Lim Calixto
  • Swift Code – EBILAEAD
  • Bank Address – EmiratesNBD PJSC P.O.Box 777 Dubai, U.A.E.
You can also send your donations to the paypal account of Ric Andrei’s mom:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top EC Droppers for the Month of November

The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.  
~John E. Southard

TOP EC Droppers
2. Jennyholic (3)
3. AVCtube (3)

Wordless Wednesday

Our little Christmas tree