Friday, September 24, 2010

True Happiness

me and my family
For the past couple of days, I've been spending the whole day with my hubby . He is on a paid vacation leave and for the past three years that he has been working; this is the only time he was able to rest well. No phone calls or texts messages to take. When he was not around, I keep my eye on how much I eat. I have been trying to lose weight for the past couple of months. I was already on my way to achieving it; until he filed his vacation leave. Now, I am back to zero (OMG! all the hard work failed) But it's okay! I can also go back to losing weight when he gets back to work. And that is still a week away from now.

During the time he is here, I have come to realized that my hubby and my kids are the reason for my true happiness. Money can't buy you happiness. We live on paycheck to paycheck and most often we are having hard time to make ends meet. Money is scarce but our happiness is abundant. Enough to keep us going; and more than enough to give us good sleep at night.

I am lucky to have such understanding children. They don't expect too much material things from us (we are lucky to have Mamita to take care of this). Although most kids today are into gadgets; my kids enjoy the simple life that we have. At their young age; they are aware that happiness cannot be measured with the material possessions.

My hubby and my kids are my great source of happiness. My only source of true happiness.

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