Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TCP Entry: Home Alone

This week's theme for TCP is about Family Christmas; I only have one movie in mind when it comes to family Christmas movie and that would be "Home Alone". I have seen almost all the Home Alone movies and it never failed to touch my heart.

Macaulay Caulkin was still very young then and I have to admit that he was a very cute and adorable kid. I think most Filipino families can relate to this movie because extended family is part of our culture. We celebrate important events such as Christmas with all the members of the family; it is a sort of reunion and that could really be very stressful most especially to kids.

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Parents would learn a lot in this movie. Sometimes we take for granted our kids feelings towards certain situation because we thought we know what is right. We tend to overreact on their whining and punish them without really knowing how they feel.

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Happy Holidays to everyone, have a Merry Christmas!


  1. i couldn't agree more to what you wrote here mommy. and indeed, this is a great movie with lots of good lessons. a perfect christmas movie for the entire family!

    thanks for joining us on tcp! may you have a blessed holidays! cheers!


your thoughts exactly...