Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Philippine Peso

Have you seen the new Philippine peso bills? This time around, Ninoy Aquino is not lonely; in fact he is all smiles because he is beside the "Woman He Loved Three Times"; former President Cory Aquino. Another plus factor with the new 500 peso bill is the signature of their only son; President Noynoy Aquino.
On the reverse side of the new peso bills you'll see different scenic spots plus the animals that can be found only here in the Philippines.  These banknotes are called the "new generation" bills. However, a lot of people are criticizing the new banknotes. According to them there are a lot of errors in it.

As for my two cents; I like looking at the new banknotes. It is nice to see faces of the famous people smiling at you whenever you get hold of that 500 peso bill.

What do you think about the new Philippine peso bills?


  1. It looks colorful and cheery. I like it. May it reflect the economy of the country under the new presidency. I hope to see the actual bill soon.

  2. First thing I noticed, it's colorful and looks like not a Phil. money. But it's good looking though.

  3. I want to have new 500 philippine peso

  4. I love it. Pero hindi pa nakakatikim ng 500 at 1000 ang wallet ko, wala pa kasi akong nakikita eh. :)

    arrielle green


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