Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thumbs up for DarkQ Gay Blog

The web caters not only to men and women, but it is also open for people who have other sexual preferences. I have come across the DarkQ Gay Blog. and I was surprised on how informative this blog is. It deals with different types of topics that will not only interest gay people, but the entire web community as well. One of my favorite article is about HIV testing. It is good to encourage people to undergo HIV test because more and more people are getting infected by this disease. Surely there will be more and more informative topics that this blog has to offer. So you may want to check it out.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bloggers Helping Hand

The internet is serving humanity in many ways possible. Most of the people see this technological breakthrough as a great advantage to human kind. Things became a lot easier with the coming of internet. Communication became much faster and easier; gone are the days when we need to wait for a couple of days or even weeks during peak season to receive a postal mail. Now, we can get in touch with friends and loved ones, and even do business transaction with just one click.
Others also saw an opportunity to pursue their passion in writing. Unlike before when you only write for newspapers, magazines and books; now the venue for writing is much broader. Thus, the emergence of different blogs that we see online and there are now more people who are called writers.
Blogs came into existence; it is the blend for the words web log. Blog topics have a variety of topics depending on the interest of the blog writer. There are even personal blogs which almost serves like a journal of the writer. This opened an opportunity for business people to do advertisement through blogs. Blog writers even earn a decent income through blog writing.
Thanks to the likes of Blogvertisingstore; it offers opportunities both for the advertisers and the bloggers to meet. It is for FREE service that enables bloggers to get advertisers for their blogs much easier. How does it work? You can check out the site and start earning for your blog

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Proper Etiquette For Wedding Gifts

When a couple planned to exchange their “I do’s”, there are a lot of things to consider. After the engagement, it is proper to inform the bride’s parents first. However, to avoid future conflict, it is best that the couple plan a dinner for parents on both sides. This is the best time to inform them about the upcoming wedding. In preparing for the wedding, proper etiquette for weddings are to be considered to make sure that no one will feel unimportant during this special event.
Proper etiquette for weddings may include wedding invitation etiquette, wedding gift etiquette and even fashion etiquettes. For the wedding invitation, it is extremely tacky to put information like bridal registry. It is like expecting all your guests must come to the wedding with a gift. Although as a wedding guest, it is just but proper to give a gift to the newly weds if you are attending their wedding.  The best way and more subtle way to ask for a wedding present is to spread the word or information about your bridal registry at your bridal party. As a guest, if you received a wedding invitation with a reply date or an RSVP on it. You should inform the contact person whether you are attending or not. This will help in organizing the wedding reception much better.
If you are single and are invited to a wedding, never assume that it is okay to bring a date with you. If the invitation is addressed to you alone, it means that you are the only one invited. If you are close to the couple, you can inform them before hand about your plan of bringing in a date. Proper etiquette for weddings is extremely important. This is to avoid any unwanted circumstances that can possibly occur during the wedding.

An Additional to the Family

My husband's sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl. This baby girl is an additional to the growing Pangilinan family. Actually, Vienne Ayesha (i am not sure of the spelling) is the first legitimate girl in the family. My husband's siblings are all male, and the first grandchildren were boys as well. So she is the first girl in the Pangilinan family. If only our dear Tatang is still here with us, I am sure he would be very glad to have the unica hija in the family. Unfortunately, he passed away last year. But I know that he is happy on where he is right now. I know that when a family member is lost, we cannot truly replace them; but an additional angel in the family is a very welcoming experience. So to Jayar and Glo, congratulations on your new baby girl. And to our dear baby ganda (as her lola calls her now), welcome to the Pangilinan family.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ads of Facebook

Since Facebook hits almost the same traffic as that of Google, many businesses found this avenue to be useful for them. In a normal Facebook page, on the right side of the screen are advertisements from different companies, organizations, groups and even certain personalities.
Most of the internet users are also Facebook account holders. For whatever reasons they may have in setting up a facebook account, these people log in to their account on a daily basis. It is either they want to get updates on the lives of the people in their network or they just want to enjoy the applications in Facebook.
An opportunity for product and services exposure was seen by the business people. However, to differentiate facebook .com ads from the ads that we see in other search engine site such as Google and Yahoo; facebook.com ads used the keywords “Likes and Interests”. If you see the ads, you will see a like button below it.
So if you are interested on the advertisement, or agree on what you read; you can just hit the button like and it will show a thumb up sign. You can unlike the advertisement anytime as well. And if you want to get further details of the advertisement just click on the link. There you will have in-depth information about the certain products or services.
Now if you have a Facebook business account, facebook.com ads allow you to create and advertise your own business. You can place a banner on a certain facebook page, an interesting copy will make Facebook users click on your link. And if you plan to create an ad, you should have a specific website wherein Facebook users will be directed to.
A Faceboook ad is consists of a maximum of 25 characters for the ad title, and the ad copy should make up to a maximum of 135 characters. With these limitations on your ad, you should be able to maximize it by making sure that it will catch the attention at least a portion of the Facebook users. Take into consideration your target market for your products and services. After you have decided to publish the advertisement, payment can easily be done using your plastic money.
This will be like a test, if your ad is beneficial to your product, then you can decide to continue the advertisement. If not, you can again come up with a more exciting and more interesting ads in order to generate more clicks on the advertisement.
Whether in Facebook or in any other sites in the internet, the ad title and the ad copy can be of big help on making your advertisement successful.  So think of the best ad title and ad copy that can boost the image and the market of your business or organization. Remember that Facebook users rarely check on the ads that they see, but if they read something interesting. They will surely find time to read about the advertisement.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Big Boy

My youngest son Jeon is now in Nursery, gone are the mornings of telling him to clean up his mess and put his toys inside the toy box once he is done. Now, my mornings are quite quiet and I felt kinda weird about it.

During his first month in school, I go with him and wait until his classes are through. But recently my hubby and I decided that we hire a school service to pick him up to and from the school. On his first day in school service, I was with him.

But when he saw that some of his classmates ride the school service alone, he requested to do it himself. It was a bit odd for him to request such, because he always wants to have Mommy by his side. I gave in to his request. I can still remember the date that was 21st of July; the first time my son went to school alone.

It was a big leap for my son, he is now starting to do things on his own. I thought I would love the "Me" time that I have; I can't help but to feel a bit sentimental about it. I know that sooner, my son will be a grown up man and would decide things for himself. My little big boy still enjoys mommy's kisses and hugs; I know pretty soon he will feel awkward in doing that.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

In Celebration of Nutrition Month

July is considered as Nutrition Month, most schools would prepare nutrition related activities. Some would have a Nutri Quizbee while others would simply prepare nutritious food to be enjoyed by the entire class. For my son's school they had to perform as the culminating activity of the Nutrition Month.

As for our little big boy, since this is his first time to go to school; it is also his first time to dance on stage as part of the school program for Nutrition Month. Although he was a bit shy at first, but he was able to finish the dance without crying. Unlike the other preschoolers who were also part of the program; I am proud to say that our Jeon did well.