Monday, December 13, 2010

Supreme Court Acquitted Hubert Webb et al

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I was still in high school when the controversial Vizconde massacre happened. At that time, we still live in BF Homes and the massacre happened in one of the villages inside BF Homes Paranaque. So it was really a big news in our area. Fingers were all pointing to Hubert Webb and his friends, until they were convicted for the crime 15 years ago. This time, the Supreme Court reversed the decision of the lower court and acquitted Hubert Webb et al.

Prosecution failed to prove their guilt beyond reasonable doubts; despite testimonies from Jessica Alfaro who is the primary witness. Supreme Court ruled out her testimonies and said that these testimonies cannot be relied upon.

As a parent, my reaction to this issue is mixed. I pity Lauro Vizconde for losing his family because of a non-sense crime; on the other hand, since Hubert Webb et al were acquitted they spent 15 years and 6 months of their lives inside the jail. Only to be decided later on that they were not guilty; they can no longer go back to those years lost.

I wish our justice system would work overtime in solving crimes; our time spent here on the face of the earth is in the hands of our Creator; we don't have the luxury of time. We must do whatever it is we can do today for we are not sure if there is still tomorrow.

How do you feel about the Supreme Court's acquittal of Hubert Webb et al? Did they make the right decision this time?


  1. i'm still thinking if SC really made the right decision.. but i'm really sad for Mr. Visconde well even he doesn't get the full justice here on earth we all know God is looking above.

  2. When all this started, I believed in Hubert's innocence. I remember I was in second year high school and we'd talk about this case. It's good that innocent men have been given their lives back, although they will have a lot to get used to and only God knows how they will live now. But we should all pray for Mr. Vizconde, may he find peace and happiness with or without the justice he seeks (of course, better if the real perpetrators are apprehended and put to jail).

  3. i feel the same as you, but I feel more for Mr. Vizconde, he lost his family and spent all his earnings to pursue justice, and at the end, it was put in a waste basket. So sad... I hope Mr. Vizconde peace this Christmas.


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