Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Simple Anniversary Celebration

Hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary last 5th of November. Nothing fancy prepared, a simple anniversary dinner with the kids is what he had. It's fun to see the kids enjoy their favorite meal. Afterwards, we went to coffee shop (again with the kids) to relax. I had my favorite black forest frappe and the kids that their choco frappe too.

Black Forest Frappe

Choco Acad Frappe (no coffee added)

Hubby ordered a slice of "Sinful Cake" for him (of course he shared it with me!)

Indeed very Sinful!
 It was a simple yet meaningful celebration, and both of us are looking forward for more anniversaries to celebrate.


  1. so sweet :) Happy anniversary to both of u .GOD bless

  2. Hey congrats !!Happy anniversary!!God Bless you both!!:)


  3. awww..sweet!Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you!^_^


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