Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Most Popular Christmas Gifts

If budget is not an issue when it comes to buying Christmas gifts; you may want to know what are the most popular Christmas gifts available in the market today. Of course, those cool gadgets would be on top of the list.

I would definitely like to give myself that Nintendo Wii. I need to workout but I don't like going out; so Nintendo Wii would be perfect for me!

My hubby would love to have one of those DSLR camera. That thing was on top of his Christmas wish list for the past two years. But we need to set our priorities, so we had to get a new house first (it's a housing loan!).

For my three kids? they would reply in unison - PSP! Regarding this matter, we have the budget to buy them PSP but we opted not to. We want them to go out and enjoy playing with real people rather than be stuck at home playing an electronic gadget.

Other most popular gifts would include an IPad, Iphone4 or Blackberry. What about you? If budget is not an issue which among the most popular gifts would you wish to have or to give?


  1. I would love a new camera but the one I want is way way too expensive!!BooHoo!!

    Happy day!

  2. I would like to have a DSLR camera but I find it hard to decide what to buy, I know nothing about photography.

    Good day.

  3. @painted veil: been wanting to have one too, but I need to consider the

    @pinoy working mom: i feel for you. i am not sure if it's worth to buy one of those expensive dslr if you no idea on how to maximize its features.
    Good day too.


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