Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's Official!

My hubby is a telecommunications engineer; for the past three years he was working for one of the major vendors of telecoms equipment. He was on a project basis at that time; so yearly the company would have the option to renew his contract or not. The company that he works with pays well, however, there was no job security. Before his end contract last September 30th; we both decided that it's about time that he look for a job that would give him the security of tenure.

We patiently waited and prayed for the perfect company to offer him a new job. After two months of waiting; our prayers were answered. Now it's official; he is now part of the Digitel Mobile Philippines Inc. He was offered a competitive salary ; something which is equivalent to all the work he is expected of him. What's good about the job is the chance to get regularized and receive all the benefits due to a regular employee.

It is no longer hard for him to adjust with his new workmates; because he was actually handling some projects of Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. We started last December 1st and hopefully he would receive all the benefits and credits due of him; which he had not experience with his previous company.


  1. Congratulations to you and your hubby. Good luck with his new work :)

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  2. thanks Kat :P Have a great week :)

  3. @boss fedhz: salamat. hehe..ayan pwede ka na nya pagdala ng food..kpg nagluto ako pabigay ko syo..hehe

    @carinamodella: thanks a bunch!

  4. congrats to your hubby, maagang pamasko =)

  5. @workingathome: thanks! yes, it's an early christmas gift for our family.


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