Sunday, October 2, 2011

Different Floor Lamps for Different Rooms

Floor lamps are used to make homes look more beautiful. These lamps create a pleasant atmosphere and are perfectly stunning and striking once placed in different areas. The lamps come in various shapes, colors and sizes. There is definitely one type of floor lamp that would suit the personality of the homeowners, or bedroom owners to be more specific.
 Inside the boys’ rooms, it is best to use floor lamps with striking colors and vivid lights. Boys are more energetic and would want to feel the same level of energy, even when inside the bedroom. Apart from that, most of the boys’ stuff is of different shades and color, hence would enhance the overall look of the bedroom when vivid floor lamps are used. 
 For the girls’ room, it is important to consider the size of floor lamps to be used. Normally, girls have more stuff inside their bedroom; a bulky floor lamp may eat too much space. Floor lamps with minimalist designs are preferred inside the girls’ room.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bathroom Flooring Options to Use

Bathroom is another important part of the house. Aside from kitchen and bedroom it is one of the most used areas in the house. It is essential that it should be kept clean and neat to comfortably use it. An important factor for the bathroom is the bathroom flooring, slime-free flooring would make the bathroom looking good and smelling fresh.

The bathroom is a place which has steamy environment, and it is also a place where moisture is always present. It is essential to find the perfect bathroom flooring suitable for it. The damp environment is not suitable for flooring like carpet, laminated wood and solid wood. Water splashes may cause damage to this type of flooring materials.

There are different bathroom flooring options that would suit the owner’s lifestyle and personality. One of the most popular options is the bathroom tile flooring; there are porcelain and ceramic tiles. However, porcelain tiles are known to be more durable compare to ceramic. Bathroom tile flooring is easier to clean and maintain, it also comes in different designs. There are printed bathroom tiles, glazed, matt and textured and it comes in various colors.

Another one of the bathroom flooring options is the stone, such as limestone or granite. Stones are waterproof and are expected to last for long period of time. Granite can give the bathroom an elegant finish. However, utilizing marble should be avoided because this type of stone can become slippery and may cause accident.

Rubber is also used as bathroom flooring; just like tiles and stone floorings it is also easy to maintain and clean.  Its biggest advantage among other flooring options is the non-slip feature. Bathroom floors are often wet and thus it becomes slippery. There are many designs and textures to choose from and finding the perfect one to complement the bathroom design is not a problem.

The use of Bamboo is fast becoming popular when it comes to bathroom flooring. It is an eco-friendly option and Bamboo does not expand when it gets wet. To remove the rough surfaces and edges of the bamboo, it can be sanded down to make it a lot smoother or whenever it is damaged. Bamboo bathroom flooring is available in various hues.

Linoleum can also be used as another bathroom flooring options. It requires to be laid in smooth and flat surfaces to make it more appealing and beautiful. Linoleums are easy to clean and maintain but it can wear and tear in time. So if durability is one of the major considerations in choosing the type of flooring for the bathroom, linoleum is definitely not one of them.

When it comes to cleaning material needed for the flooring, for vinyl and tiles these two would require simple floor mopping. If bamboo is used for the flooring, then it is advisable to use specialized cleaning materials like the ones used for laminated woods and hard woods. For stone floors, sealant is required to be applied or else it may cause water stains. Each type of bathroom flooring would need various finishes; it is important to ask the supplier on what type of cleaners should be used for specific type of bathroom floors.