Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hubby's Allergy Strikes Again

My husband is very sensitive when it comes to dust, pollen, mildews and molds.That is why I make it appoint to clean the house and our room as often as I can. When mold allergy symptoms start to show; it means that I missed out on the scheduled time for changing bed covers and curtains.

But sometimes even if the house is clean and bed covers, pillow cases and curtains are changed; hubby would still continue to sneeze all night. I pity him because he's having a hard time sleeping whenever his allergy attacks. I think there are mold allergy medicines and other methods to use in mold allergy treatment. I may need to check on those things soon before hubby's allergy starts to worsen.


  1. Sorry to hear that, and many members in my family are suffer the same things..

  2. Poor guy! My husband has allergies too, but nothing near that bad.


your thoughts exactly...