Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Are You Done With Your Christmas Shopping?

With barely three weeks to go before Christmas, most of the people are done with their Christmas shopping. But I have not even started making my Christmas list yet. No gifts under the Christmas tree; but my youngest earnestly pray to Bro Jesus Christ. He pray that Bro Jesus Christ would instruct Santa Claus to give him his Christmas wish because he is a good boy. His wish? Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee of the Transformers. At least he knows what he wants! As with my other elder kids; they have outgrown Santa Claus so they have not decided what they want. That's a big problem for me!

Here is the unofficial Christmas gift list for my loved ones:
  1. Hubby - a nice longs sleeves polo shirt
  2. Jet (my eldest) - Time Magazine for Kids (he loves to read!)
  3. Gab (middle child) - a board game (again!); he wish to have UNO (let me think about that!)
  4. Jeon (bunso) - Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee of course!
  5. Toys for hubby's niece and nephew
  6. Salt and Pepper shaker and grinder for my cousins (Sha and Pong)
  7. MIL- blouse or dress
  8. Ima (my aunt) - cash!
  9. My mom (she'll be here this Christmas) - a spa treatment
  10. Hubby's granny - her favorite cookies
Since I barely see my nieces and nephews, I think cash gift would do just in case they decide to visit us. Wait! I don't have a gift for myself yet...I would get myself a schedule for breast enhancement surgery. Lol! I need to save more for that one; that will be my birthday for myself!

What about you? are you done with your Christmas shopping?


  1. I haven't done my christmas shopping yet. I'm planning it sometime this coming weekend or next week.
    By the way, I'm inviting you to post a picture of your christmas tree. Join me Here
    Thanks and hope you can join. :D Advance Merry Christmas! :D

  2. Haay sad to say, I haven't done it yet. I can't even finish the list.

    I'll try to do all this christmas shopping by the end of next week otherwise I'll end up giving cash to my relatives and inaanak.

  3. aba tutyal, inday ha. wala bang gift for boss? hwek hwek! engrande talaga ang gift sa sarili. you deserve it! hehehe. and fafa too. hehehe

  4. @ boss fedhz: surprise yun..ahaha..delivered right at your doorstep..hahaha..


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