About the Title and the Author

Maskinanu - my URL is a Kapampangan term which means "anything" in English and "Kahit Ano" in Filipino.

The Author, is a true-blooded Kapampangan.When I started working in BPO industry my colleagues called me MOMMY LES. I have worked with three BPOs and I have been using MOMMY LES as my nickname since then.

I used to work full-time then decided to shift in handling our own business; which is an internet shop named "Queng Baritz Internet Cafe". During the time I was managing the business, I spend my idle hours in front of the computer; surfing the net and I was once addicted to Facebook.

Later on, I was introduced to a friend who asked me to write some articles for several blog sites. The pay was meager but I was enjoying my job. Until I met few blog owners to whom I was commissioned to write some blog contents.

Thanks to my ever encouraging Boss Fedhz, she saw the potential and taught me little by little on how to write and maintain my own blog site. I am a noob in this field, but I am slowly learning the ropes.

By the way, I am a mother of three very active boys and a wife to an Engineer. My blogging time is actually my "Me" time.

MOMMY LESsons will provide you of what's inside an ordinary Mom's mind. Sometimes it can be serious but most of the times it has out-of-this-world thoughts. I am a Mom remember?