Friday, December 3, 2010

First Philippine Celebrity Survivor

Tonight was the conclusion of the much awaited winner of the reality show Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition.  I was one of the many followers of this TV show; and have witnessed how these celebrities Outwit Outplay Outlast one another. I was quite happy with the result, I admire Akihiro Sato's attitude towards the game. He was proclaimed as the first Philippine Celebrity Survivor.

So to Akihiro Sato, congratulations and you deserve it!


  1. for me, i like aubrey to win... she played well. survivor is more of a mind game, mas si aubrey ang gumawa nito - nag-isip at nagstrategize para makarating sa top...ang kaso lang, ayaw kasi sa kanya ng jury

  2. I was able to catch some episodes, but was not able to follow at all. I've seen the winner featured in a couple of blogs already and the writers all say they knew it or that he deserves the win.
    Spinning Lovely Days

  3. I'm so thankful, even jumped when I saw the name of Akihiro, lol.. he really deserved it, it only shows that you can play clean and win, unlike Aubrey and Ervic, who tried to maligned Aki..good thing jury didn't believe them coz they already know what kind of players they are.


your thoughts exactly...