Sunday, November 7, 2010

Changes In My Life

The most important change in my life took place almost 6 years ago; that was January 1st. It was a tough decision to make because that was the time I decided to end my marriage with my ex-husband. I have to choose between staying with him and give my two sons a "complete" family ; or dump him like a hot potato but my sons would have to deal with the society's stigma of broken home. I chose the latter, and I am definitely glad to do it.

I think my kids would live a more normal life if they do not see violence at home. I had to admit that there were instances wherein discussions with my ex would turn out violently. Too bad my kids were witnesses to that situation. I cannot blame my sons for hating their father. My kids are smart, I don't need to brainwash them (because I was accused of doing it). For the past 6 years no financial support was given to my children. I know they have the rights to get financial support from their father; but I would rather not do it because I can work to death just to provide for my children.

I believe that God saw my suffering, and He gave me a partner. We have been together for 5 years now, and blessed with a child (another boy). Our son is four years old, and as far as my entire family could see my current partner treat my kids from previous marriage the same way he treats our own son. He works hard for them and dream about giving them a bright future.

I am so glad that God gave me another chance to be happy. Sometimes we really need to experience deep pain in our lives in order to appreciate the simple joys that we have.

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