Wednesday, April 9, 2008

24-hour work

Being a fulltime mother is a tough job, what more to a working mom and hands-on mother like me. unlike the usual 8-hour job with days off, this job is 24 hours and no days off. You don't need a degree to get this job. In my case, I have 3 sons. and of course, they are of different ages. so it means, they have different needs. for

my eldest son, an 8-yr old boy, he easily gets bored with everything. he even told me that he wants to work and to try showbusiness. so that i don't need to work anymore. and he doesnt want to play with his kid brothers because for him they are a bunch of babies. so i have to think of things that will not only stimulate his mind but his body as well, specially this summer. good thing there are summer camps, and i will definitely look for one that will interest him.

my middle child an incoming grader, is now enrolled to summer classes that will enhance his math and reading skills. huh, now talk about being hands-on, can't even assist my son with his lessons. but aside from these classes, he also wants to have a voice lesson. how i wish money are just like trash which can be picked up anywhere.
so i have to explain things to him and make him understand that, we need to prioritize things which are really important.

my youngest, a one-yr old toddler, is hyper-active. i need to be on my toes all the time. because he can easily climb the stairs. now talk about a taurine-rich kid. you cant spank or scold this kid, because he knows how to win your heart. once he sees you looking angry, he will come near you and say "sorry na ha". with that innocent smile and look, it will definitely melt your heart away.

working in the office wont give me the greatest satisfaction that i have whenever i see my kids asleep. how i wish i can just stop the time so that they will remain kids forever. and i will be able to protect them all the time. but in reality, its not possible, someday, these kids will look for friends and things that will interest them. i can only guide them, but i cant make decisions for them.

nah, why do i need to worry about that right now. that is still very far from now. what i will do is to spend time with them and cherish every moment that i have with my sons. after all, they will always be my saputi.and my bachikchik..