Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year of the Rabbit 2011

Thanks to Google for the photo
The year of the rabbit will officially start on February 3, 2011. This will be a placid year compared to the year of the tiger of 2010. The coming year will be generally calm and quiet to the point wherein people will become to lax in implementing law, rules and regulations.
2011 is the year of Metal Rabbit ; I was born 1975 and I am a Wood Rabbit. This is how Wood Rabbit people are described according to Chinese culture:

"People who are born in the year of Rabbit with the element of Wood are full of ideas. They appears to be very shrewd and somewhat outgoing. However, the truth is Wood Rabbit people can be quite fussy. They are detail oriented people where little things may upset them quickly. Wood Rabbit people are also very stubborn, especially in romance. A bad relationship may leave a life-long scar on them. Wood Rabbit people never share their opinions in the public and they are good at keeping a secret. They are usually very lucky when encounter a problem because someone will always pull them out of the mess."

What do we expect for the year of the Metal Rabbit? Well in general, the Rabbit encourages saving (conserving money, resources and goods) , sound investments (lower interest, longer term and more certain to yield) , beautification projects (property and personal - even plastic surgery) , enduring love (marriage, babies, acquisition of property, pets and friendships) and learning (courses in myriad and sundry subjects) Choose to involve yourself in any of the above and your year will go swimmingly. Should you choose otherwise and wax aggressive, antagonistic or pushy, you will be swimming upstream all the way.

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