Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Christmas Presents for the Kids

On Christmas eve, the  kids were so excited to open their gifts from their Tita Popot and Tito Cholo. So after hearing mass, they proceeded to opening their gifts. They received some of the gifts on their Christmas wishlist. Come Christmas morning, they were so eager to get up and check the gifts they received from Santa Claus. The smile on their faces were priceless. They got the Waveboard, RC car and Transformer toys; plus additional gifts from Mamita and Pop. Later that day, they got more presents from their Tita Pong and Mama Sha. Of course, my youngest received another toy from her Lola and the older boys received their aguinaldo.
Today is the 26th of December, and we thought that there will be no more gifts to come for the kids. To our surprise, Mamita and Pop bought them again another batch of toys. A RC car for Jet, Soccer ball for Gab and Basketball with basketball ring for Jeon. The boys were too excited that they played the entire day. They were too tired to eat dinner that they doze of to sleep early.
This Christmas is definitely unforgettable for my children. Because they got everything on their Christmas list and even more. I just wish that they will see Christmas as more than receiving gifts; but we are trying to teach them the real meaning of Christmas. 

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