Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yummy Christmas Gift

Last week, when my hubby met up with boss Fedhz to get my hard-earned moolah; she gave me her advanced Christmas gift. It was my boss' famous and yummy polvoron. She told me a beautiful story about her famous polvoron and I was really looking forward to have a taste of the equally popular polvoron of boss Fedhz.

So when she told me that she gave a big pack of it to my hubby; I immediately called hubby to inform him not to touch the polvoron until he reaches our home. As the obedient hubby that he is, the pack of polvoron is still intact when he came home.

Boss Fedhz' Polvoron
Amongst the different kinds to flavor; according to my kids the Cookies and Cream is the best (boohoo! I didn't get the chance to taste that particular flavor). She also have peanut butter flavored polvoron and the crunchy polvoron too. 

A lot of people are placing orders; this would be perfect Christmas gifts to friends who love sweets. It is very Filipino too. So, if there are still persons on your Christmas list that you have not bought or given gifts yet; visit to get hold of boss Fedhz; I am not quite sure yet on how to place orders for her yummy polvoron.

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