Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Weekend Spoiler

I just feel the need to share this weekend spoiler experience that our family had encountered on our way home. Every Sunday we make it appoint to visit MIL's place to eat lunch together with hubby's family. We normally stay there for about three to four hours at the most because we still need to do some last minute weekend errands. After the sumptuous lunch prepared by MIL ( we had grilled tilapia, green mangoes, shrimp paste and kids' favorite small clams with soup) and little chit-chat; we decided to go home.

On our way home, hubby told me that we need to fill a little gas for the car to make sure that we make it home. Since he is the one driving, he chose to go to the nearest gas station. Unfortunately, this gas station was our weekend fun spoiler. After the gasoline boy filled up the tank, he handed to car key to hubby; and to our dismay the key was chipped at the end part. Hubby noticed it once he tried to put the key to start the car, the tip part of the key was missing! He went out of the car and asked what happen. The gasoline boy tried to act innocently but there is no other person to blame but him.

We cannot leave the gas station because the key would no longer fit the hole. So we had to call my SIL to bring the spare key that she has. We waited for about one hour or so because of the negligence of the gasoline boy. Plus the fact that inside the key hole on the gas tank area is the tip of the damaged key. Hubby became really frustrated about the situation. It was such a waste of time and money too. We had no choice but to charge the gasoline boy about his negligence.

Another frustrating fact is that our little boy saw heard his dad raised his voice. When hubby went inside the car after the discussion he had with the people at the gas station; our little boy asked him "Daddy bakit ka sumisigaw dun sa mga tao(Dad why are you shouting at them?)" His Dad explained that he was not shouting at them, he was just telling those people to efficiently do their task to avoid inconvenience. I also told our little boy that Daddy was not shouting at those people, he was merely asking them on what are they going to do with what happened. And told him that there is nothing to worry about, Daddy is not mad or anything.

So many valuable lessons learned today, and hopefully this situation would not occur again. Our family had a great weekend until this incident. But then again we would not let our day get ruined by what happened. We can still do something fun to cover the not so good experience we had couple of hours ago.

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  1. Sometimes it really would affect us both emotionally and psychologically but you are right, it's not the end of the world to deal all of our time in this kind of situation. There are some other big things that are more important in our life.


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