Sunday, January 30, 2011

Capturing the Emotions of a Mason's Wife

A Letter From a Mason's Wife

Author Unknown
Dear Sir,

How many wives of Masons
Have given very much thought,
To the wonderful Biblical lessons
That Masonry has taught?

Have you asked yourself this question?
When you sit alone at night?
While hubby is away at Lodge,
“Is my reasoning wrong or right?”

The nights are lonely and long, I know,
But then this thought occurred to me,
“If my husband wasn’t a Mason,
What kind of man would he be?”

They call us “Masonic Widows,”
I’ve been one for many a year,
I have spoken my piece on lonely nights
And even berated my hubby dear.

But sometime later, I regret those words,
And with compassion try to see,
“If my husband wasn’t a Mason,
What kind of man would he be?”

I attempt to be a patient wife,
And while alone I meditate,
I try to see his point of view,
It’s only fair; after all he is my mate.

I always knew what the situation was
It’s really not something new,
So why complain after all this time,
I’m sure I speak for you.

Some say that men make Masonry
And this I understand,
But deep in my heart I am still convinced,
It’s Masonry that makes the man.

As we journey along our highway together,
Finding the inner dreams of life,
I pray Masonic ideals keep him the way he is.
Yours truly, a Mason’s wife.

This particular poem from an Unknown Author really captured the emotions and thoughts of a Mason's wife. Now that my hubby is a Mason, I know that he will keep up with the high morals of the people in the organization. I have never been confident and assured since my husband was transformed from a good man to a better man.

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