Friday, October 15, 2010

Jeon Said

My four-year old son seem to be to smart for his age. There are moments when he gives witty remarks, ask "silly" questions and utter words of "wisdom" from a pre-schooler's point of view. I hope you will enjoy some of his remarks, most of them in the Filipino but I will be translating it to English.

Scene 1: One dinner time
His kuya Gab stood up to get himself a drinking glass
JEON said (using his Mommy-like tone)" Aba! Aba! Aba! tapos ka ng kumain? Konti palang nakain mo ah, tatayo ka na agad"
(Hey!hey!Hey! you're done eating? You have barely eaten your meal and you are already standing)
All of us were laughing after hearing him talk to his elder brother that way.

Scene 2: Lunch time
Mommy would never eat with her favorite soda served on the table, then without asking permission Jeon's elder brothers took the bottle of soda and pour into their glasses. Jeon again made a remark to his brothers
JEON said: "Kuya, ano ka ba yung softdrinks pang Mommy lang yan di pwede sa family yan. Mommy lang iinom nyn sa umaga, lunch at gabi..db noh Mommy?"
(Kuya, the soda is only for Mom, family members are not supposed to drink soda. Only Mommy can drink soda in the morning, lunch and night, am I right Mommy?"

Scene 3: Homework Time
After coming home from school, it is part of our routine that Jeon and I will be doing his homework. But since his dad is at home, I asked my husband to be the one to assist him. They finished doing all the homework in a breeze; then I was teasing Jeon that all the homework were wrong. I continue doing that for couple of minutes and then he blurted " Mommy, na high-blood na ko syo ah. di ba Mommy yung high-blood yung naiinis? kaya na high-blood na ko syo" (Mommy my blood pressure is rising, Mommy isn't high blood means that you are getting annoyed; that's why I am getting high blood pressure from you)

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