Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SUV or Sedan?

As a Mom, I prefer to have SUV rather than Sedan. Well, bigger vehicle makes me feel more secured and safe. My hubby's family used to own a 1995 4x4 Mitsubishi Strada and he was the unofficial driver of the family. My hubby named the SUV "Erap"; which is the name of the former Philippine President Erap Estrada. Since my hubby is very OC with many things; he takes care of the truck as if it was his own. Actually, we were the unofficial (again) people assigned to shoulder its maintenance. Oh my! it was really expensive to maintain such kind of vehicle. 
The very handsome "Erap"
 We don't mind spending for it as long as we see that whoever in the family drives it would take care of it as much as we do. The SUV is often used to go to their place which is uphill in Subic Zambales. They visit the place to gather mangoes and yams, all we need to do is to place the stuff at the cargo trailer of the SUV and then use beam clamps with straps to secure everything. Since the SUV was not ours, we cannot do anything about it when their family decided to sell the truck.

In replacement of the SUV, a white sedan was bought (another Mitsubishi). It is an old model but well maintained and has low mileage. But unlike the SUV, we can no longer use the sedan to do uphill drive. Plus the fact that it has limited space compared to SUV. We miss the old Strada truck but somehow we are beginning to enjoy the little white sedan that hubby drives. For me it is our lucky charm, since we bought the car ; we have been receiving abundant blessings.
This is "Puti"
I would still love to get an SUV, but since we cannot afford it as of the moment I guess we can always depend on our sedan which we fondly call "Puti" or white in English.

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  1. love it mars... short but full.. hehehe... pakisabi kay pare joey miss ko na tagayan namin ng kada - Marco Dimaano


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