Sunday, September 12, 2010

Is Your Child Gifted?

My little big boy, Jeon is very active and curious boy. He constantly ask questions and most of the times I ran out of sensible answers. His development milestones were unusual compare to other kids who are his age.

I've come across some reading materials which made me wonder whether my little big boy is simply bright or is he a gifted child? He is already 4-years old and is currently in Nursery level. Lately, he begins to enjoy school but during his first couple of weeks he always thought that his classmates are all babies.

How do we differentiate a bright child from a gifted child? Based  on my readings here are the difference between the two:
  •  A bright child would typically know the answers to so many questions; on the other hand, a gifted child would continue to ask questions based on your answers.
  • Bright kids enjoy the company of kids of the same age while the gifted children love the company of older kids and even the adults.
  • Bright children would pay close attention on a particular object; gifted children are extremely observant of their surroundings and loves to get involved.
  • A bright kid is a good listener thus he or she is able to follow instructions very well. Gifted kid would normally express and discuss their ideas and have the desire to work on their own.
Gifted children can be considered as bright kids too but not all bright kids are genius. Bright kids word hard to get good grades but gifted children can just play around yet achieve high scores on exams. However, gifted kids would not get good grades all the time too, since they are very critical of themselves and are highly perfectionists they would rather not submit a project if it did not pass their qualifications.

Whether your child is gifted or simply bright, you have to be thankful for it; show support in all the things that he would want to do. Guidance is also important, you are lucky to have one smart-pants in your family so enjoy it.

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