Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Parenting Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

3 Muskiteros na Kulitos

I have to admit, I am a nagging and yelling mom most especially if I have told my kids to stop horsing around and yet they would not heed to my call. Sometimes my patience grow thin even when dealing with my pre-schooler (Jeon). I especially hate it when he wakes up in the morning to go to school and he whines a lot. I know that I should not react to his actions, but sometimes I can't help but yell back at my pre-schooler child. Then I came across some parenting forum on ways to stop yelling and nagging. I know these tips can be helpful to moms with toddlers and pre-schooler kids.

  1. Tune in to yourself; there are days when moms patience seem to be very thin most especially if it is the time of the month. In days like these, find something relaxing to do first before dealing with your children. This could somehow set your mood and there is no need to yell when disciplining the children.
  2. Remember they are kids, so it is better to treat them as kids and not adults. Admit it or not, we often utter words like "You're no longer a baby, you should know how to do it".  We should lower our expectations to our toddlers and pre-schoolers, learn about the developmental stage of the kids and we would know what is appropriate to their age.
  3. Do the reverse, if the little kids would not listen to you even if you are shouting at the top of your lungs; then whisper everything. In this manner they will be curious on what you have to say to them; the challenge now lies on how you can speak softly even if you are angry.
These are some of the things that moms (and dads) should remember when parenting toddlers and pre-schoolers; it worked for other parents I guess there is no harm of giving it a shot. Who know it might work and it will spare us from the sore throat we get when we often yell. Parenting toddlers and pre-schoolers can be less stressful if we know how to deal with our little ones.


  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. alam mo I am with you 100 percent. Hindi talaga napipigilan eh, I am trying though pero sometimes I really loose my patience. God forgive, but I also trying my best to be cool when things like you want to shout. Hahaist, hirap ng maging nanay as in talaga.

  3. The picture in this post was taken in Clark during the Hot Air Balloon right?

  4. @Claudia: Thanks for the link, I will try to take the test one of these days.
    @Anne: you're right ang hirap mging nanay..pero masarap din hehe
    @travel and vacay: yup, it was taken during the hot air balloon festival in clark last feb13 :)


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