Monday, February 14, 2011

16th Hotair Balloon Festival

Despite our toddler's tantrum on early Sunday morning; we have managed to attend the 16th Hotair Balloon Festival at Clarkfiel Pampanga. It was a post birthday celebration of hubby and a pre-valentine celebration with my cousins (Sha and soon-to-be-mom Pong). I had to wake up everyone as early as 5am; and guess what, they are all complaining because it's a Sunday and they are not supposed to wake up early. I can't understand children's behavior; they were too lazy to rise from the beds but when I told them it's okay they can go back to their sleep we would not proceed anymore; they immediately fixed themselves (but not their beds-duh!)
Here is the compilation of some of the photos hubby took during the festival using a regular point-and-shoot camera; (no budget yet to buy DSLR).

High from les pangilinan on Vimeo.

Next year we will go to this event at nightime and be amazed on how these hotair balloons look in the dark. i hope by that time we were able to buy our DSLR to capture the photos vividly.

One important MommyLESson learned in this event, family bonding is very important in order to understand the children's behavior much better.

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