Friday, October 29, 2010

My Boy Lollipop

Jeon dancing to the tune of My Boy Lollipop
Last Thursday, 28th of October my son Jeon once again joined another school event. This is actually his 4th time to participate in school events (Nutrition month in July, Buwan ng Wika in August and October would be World Teacher's Day and the school's foundation day). This time his elder brothers were able to go with us because they are on school break) and also his Mama Sha went along with us too.
Kuya Jet, Jeon, Kuya Gab, Mama Sha and Mommy
We went to the event early (the picture will show that we were the first ones to arrive at the venue); so we can get better seats in the front row. However, some undisciplined parents were thick enough to stand in front of our seats thereby blocking our view. I was irritated with such actions and started complaining to these people. A mom then reacted that I should not complain because that's just the way it is. Her reasons were so lame and in fact she admitted that I was right, but since majority do it that way then I should go along with them. (Hmmm..I wonder how she discipline her child with such outlook in life).
Jeon and (POVofanEngineer) Daddy

I was so irritated before the program started, when I saw my son standing in front among the group of other students his age. I felt so proud! He performed well and was flashing his sweet smile every time he sees us.
another one of his dance moves learn from his teachers
His performance was a success and because of that we treated the kids for a lunch out in one of their favorite restaurant. It such a memorable day for me;  I've learned my lesson never to argue with people who are narrow-minded or they will ruin your entire day and even your entire life. We are looking forward to another performance of Jeon this coming December.

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  1. Melanie Ramilo GuarinOctober 30, 2010 at 6:57 PM

    "hmmm buti pa si jeon may maayos na shot si leanne wala nasa likod kasi sya un nasa harapan nya masyadong nakadikit kaya kahit video nya di sya kita...galing pa naman sumayaw ng anak ko hehehehe"


your thoughts exactly...