Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Aid Kit a Must in Every Home

jet's chest
 Accidents happen no matter how careful you are especially if you have kids at home. Last night, my eldest son who is almost 12 years accidentally spilled hot water into himself. What is he doing? he was preparing his specialty, cooking pasta noodles for the spaghetti. This young man is fond of cooking (which I like because he can help me out), and for his teacher's birthday he decided to prepare spaghetti for her.

our first aid kit
Good thing, I make it appoint that we have first aid kit at home. Since the little boys can get rowdy most of the times, bumps and bruises are becoming normal ocurences at home. But this is the first time (hoping it would be the last!) that one of my kids would experience getting burnt. What are the first aid kit essentials? Well here is a short list of must have in your first aid kit:
  • Band aids and gauzes to cover cuts and burns
  • Cotton balls and cotton swabs for cleaning and application of ointments and antiseptics
  • Antibacterial  ointments and creams to prevent setting of wounds
  • Antiseptics (alcohol and povidone-iodine) to clean the wounds
  • Pain reliever medicines and other over the counter medicines like paracetamol, cough and cold medicines and anti-diarrhea medicines (most especially if you live far away from the nearest drugstore)
  • Thermometer to take body temperature easily.
When hubby arrived we brought him to the clinic where hubby's sis-in-law practice (thanks Glo and Jayar) and we have Jet injected with anti-tetanus and he was prescribed antibiotics to make sure that there will be no complications. We also got Jet a medical certificate to present in school.
Jet's prescription
 Another valuable Mommy lessons learned in this experience, kids are kids and no matter how passionate they are in cooking as much as possible we don't allow them to do it unsupervised. (I'm a bad Mom! awts) Of course, also have a first aid kit at home because we don't know what accidents may happen. Lastly, remain calm and stay in charge even if the situation may cause you to panic, do not panic.


  1. aray. huhu. grabe, 2 degree na agad ung ganun? ahuhu. ako nga walang first aid kit ehe

  2. that hurts :-( I hope your son is doing okay now. Yes, I really agree having a emergency kit at home.

  3. ouch!!! Sorry to hear/see this accident. I hope your son's burn is healing now. So sorry for him. I hope he doesn't give up his passion for cooking.

    God bless your family.

  4. @Marj: it really did hurt, but the young man didn't cry and the burn is slowly healing.
    @Mrs M - he is doing a little okay now, but he is afraid to get near the stove again. maybe in time, he will get over it.
    @boss Fedhz -dpt may first aid kit ka. kc mayron kang little girl na malikot.

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