Monday, January 3, 2011

Planning Ahead for Summer

In three months from now, school year is about to end and I am thinking on how to make this summer productive for my kids. I want to engage them in sports so they could learn how to discipline themselves. Who knows my youngest son who is fond of playing basketball may have the chance to make it in Boston College Eagles.

My eldest son Jet loves swimming; in fact he can spend the entire day without getting tired of swimming. He loves to swim whether in the pool water or beach. He does not care if he turns really tan because of swimming. On the other hand, I think Gabby should be enrolled in self-defense school like Taekwondo. I want them to learn sportsmanship at early age; and I would like them to taste the bitterness of losing a game and the sweet victory too.

Although it's still a couple of months away from summer vacation; I think I should start saving up for their enrollment in summer sports camp. For the meantime, they can practice using Wii sports to enhance their talents. How about you mommy bloggers; have you made plans for the kids this coming summer?

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