Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pig Out with Typhoon Juan

Home made Spaghetti with buttered roll and Home-made Coffee Jelly
Frequent brownouts for the past few days left us with nothing to do. The kids are all here and hubby is at home too; I can't do my stuff because there was no electric power; what is there left to do but to pig out! Surrounded by bunch of growing kids, they all seem to be hungry all the time. Since I have my free time to cook for them, I came up with home-made spaghetti and hubby did the butter rolls. Our meal time served as bonding time for me and my family. We are trying to skip on drinking soda; so I made a home-made coffee jelly (recipe from my mother-in-law). Recipes are available at www.noobfoodie.com

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