Monday, February 21, 2011

Etiquette Baby Gifts

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 It is always a pleasant feeling to receive gifts from loved ones, friends and co-workers. It gives the recipient a feeling of importance when you receive a gift that you truly like. However, there may be times wherein you will be receiving gifts which may cause embarrassment or may offend you.

In such cases, it is important that you talk to the giver of the gift about how you feel yet still recognize the effort done in preparing for the gift. There is some etiquette in gift giving particularly etiquette baby gifts.

In a baby shower and christening, unless you are personally close to the person,
·         It is not appropriate to give a book on dieting, or creams to remove stretch marks. It may cause embarrassment on the receiver. It is best to give these types of gift as personal gifts and not during baby showers.
·         In baby showers, stuff that the baby may need once he or she comes out is the most suitable gift. A book on baby care may also be useful especially to first time mothers.
·         During christening, however, a godparent can give a card thanking the parents for entrusting their child to him or her. It is best to insert a gift card on the thank you card. Parents will surely appreciate this more rather than the toys or clothes that the baby will not be using until he or she gets bigger.

Any gift will be appreciated as long as it is given sincerely and from the heart of the giver. This coming Saturday February 26, my cousin Pong will have her baby shower- I am not sure yet what gift to give for the additional little girl in the family.

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