Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TCP Entry:TheTerminal

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The theme for this week's TCP is about Agape or Unconditional Love; for my entry it is another Tom Hanks movie entitled The Terminal. If it's a Tom Hanks movie then it must be a good one. Indeed he was able to portray very the part of easter immigrant named Novarski who was forced to stay inside the JFK Airport when war broke into his  country. All of a sudden he became a man without a country because of the war, US denied him of his entry. 

Here is the plot synopsis based on IMDB:
While Viktor Navorski is en route to the U.S. to fulfill a wish of his late father's, there is a coup in the Eastern European country in which he lives. When he lands at JFK, he learns that his country is no longer recognized by the U.S. so he cannot enter - and he can't go home either, because all planes to his country are canceled. While waiting in this limbo, Viktor takes up residence in JFK Terminal and learns another definition of home. 

During his stay at the airport,he met a lot of people who came to like him because he possess a very good heart. One very touching scene of the movie was when Novarski saw in TV the war that is happening in his country. He felt so helpless because he does not even know how to speak English. Yet despite the hardships he must undergo while staying at the airport he did not give up his dream of going to the US. He needs to get the autograph tenor saxophonist Benny Golson. His late father was a jazz enthusiast who had discovered the "Great Day in Harlem" photograph in a Hungarian newspaper in 1958, and vowed to get an autograph of all the 57 jazz musicians featured on the photograph.

For me it is one of those movies which showed unconditional love of a son to his dad. He is willing to undergo  struggles just to fulfill his father's dream.


  1. sounds interesting movie. will surely look for this movie soon. happy TCP!

  2. yes! this is one great film... and Tom Hanks was really good. at first, it seems boring, but eventually you'll get hooked up coz you'd want to find out what would happen...

  3. Tom Hanks has long been one of my favourites and he's excellent in this.
    Good choice:)

  4. Though this movie was shown several years ago, I have yet to see it. I love all of the Tom Hanks films I've seen so I'm sure to love this one too. Thanks for sharing!


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