Friday, January 7, 2011

My Online Job Earnings

I was doing my daily blog hopping and I came across several blog posts about the earnings they had from their blogs and their online jobs. As a SAHM, it was quite important for me to help my husband get additional income for the family. I was very fortunate to have met good people who trusted my knowledge and skills and helped me have my own online job earnings.

I started writing for a common friend and we had a good start but then later on things have changed. Anywayz, I think it was a blessing in disguise because I was introduced to Fedhz (of the famous Fedhz Polvoron and Home Buddies). She later on introduced me to other Marces (I bet most mommy bloggers in the Philippines would know them)  like Jade of the Pinayblogger ; and they were kind enough to hire me for several writing projects.

I made a list of the earnings I made for 2010. I started writing last March 2010 and luckily up to present. I never thought I made this much; I wonder where did I spend all these earnings. Lol. We are talking US dollars here..whoa!

  $100 -   March to May from my previous client
      37 -   Blogvertise payment
   275.5-  Project from Fedhz and Jade
     38.7 - tasks
   429.75 - for 2 ebooks 
   829.61 - for my full time job (September - December)
     40.00 - freelance assignment from Renz
     11.00 - from Jade tasks
     25.00 - blog contest by blankpixel
     20.00 - bonus from work
     95.00 - another bonus from my full time job
     14.00 - bonus from Fedhz ;actually she gave me a lot more ;-)

So roughly I made around a whooping $2000; oh my! where is that money now? My earnings is definitely not bad for a beginner like me. I am looking forward to a fruitful year and hopefully get an increase in my full time job soon.

I hope I get to inspire Mommies out there, to work even if they are at home.


  1. wow, yaman! bonus bonus! congrats!!!

  2. wow .. yaman naman congrats ako one year n ako s blogging pero 1/4 ng earnings mo hndi ko pa nakukuha .. congrats

  3. congratulations... way to go!

  4. W-O-W! That is really impressive! Keep up the great work! I wish you even more blessings this 2011 :)


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