Thursday, January 6, 2011

Personalize It!

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We have seen a lot of things being personalized; from tshirts to mugs and lately I have seen a lot of company checks being personalized too. Before only personal checking accounts utilize personalized checks; lately more and more company would like to see their business logos on this very important transaction note of their business.
Here in our country, Philippines, personalized checks are not really that accepted yet. What people normally use are the checks issued by banks. How I wish I could have my own personalized check, I think it would be great to use a check with a very nice design. The designs are far much better than the boring check designs that are issued to us by banks.
I would love to put our family picture on the check to constantly remind me that I should save up for the future. Or the photo of my favorite actor or actress would be great design too. I am definitely sure my kids would love to see their favorite cartoon character printed on the check; hmm, not really a good idea – they might think that the checks are stationeries that they can draw on.
What about you, what could be your design for your personalized check?

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