Monday, January 10, 2011

De-clutter the Bedroom

When we went to Mariott Hotel yesterday, I really envy the room; it was then I realized that I need to de-clutter our bedroom. My hubby and I share the bedroom with our youngest son; so our room has little toys too. For a couple of months, we did not place a television inside our bedroom. My reason, it is a place to relax and not to watch TV. But later on, I gave in to my little son's request to have a TV in our room.

Going back to de-cluttering our bedroom, I checked our closet and I need to remove clothes which were stuck in there for a couple of months. Then, I saw my collections of bags- oh my! some of them needs a little cleaning and store them properly.

I guess I need to exert extra effort to make our room look more like a bedroom rather than playroom and entertainment. Hopefully I would be able to maintain the cleanliness of our bedroom so it will be a relaxing place for me and hubby.


  1. I have similar plan also in our room i guess i will be able to finish it this january...

  2. I think I need to also do that but how could I while I slept too late last night and I am not finished yet my online task. Haist I need to take a nap very soon so I could do what I should do today lol


your thoughts exactly...