Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TCP: Yours,Mine,Ours

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 Since it's the  love month the TCP theme for this week is about Familial Love. It is the first kind of love that most of us have felt. There are several movies of this kind, but what I chose is the "Yours,Mine,Ours" as my TCP entry for this week's theme. I can somehow relate in this movie (lol!).

The movie plot is quite simple, it is about two widowed parents who fell in love with one another. The conflict arise when each parent have their set of kids; 10 kids for Mom and 8 kids for Dad. Their kids obviously are having a hard time to accept the situation. Although each set of kids hate the other, they came into a compromise to make a scheme to make the marriage end.

Just imagine how chaotic it would be if you have 18 kids under one roof. That could be a handful and can be quite difficult to handle. I have my own two kids and hubby has one, plus our own child; in total we have four kids and all of them are boys. When they get rowdy, it can be quite stressful!


  1. oh... this must be very good. haven't heard of it, but Dennis Quaid is one of my fave actors, lol!

  2. haven't watched this yet but it looks like a fun movie to watch. honga, 18 kids in one roof - kagulo yan. LOL!

  3. 18! wow! kami nga 3 lang pero :D

    i like rene russo but i havent seen this one

    heres my entry, enjoy the movies

  4. Haven't watched this yet but by reading into the plot of the story I guess this aa very good movie so I book marked it & palnned to watch it if time's permit.Thanks for the visit Mommy.Added you now into my blog lists & followed you as well .


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