Monday, November 1, 2010

TCP Entry: Paranormal Activity

This is my third TCP Entry (#1 Robbin Williams movie; #2 Food theme movies) and I am glad to share with you my favorite horror flick. I am not really a fan of scary movies, but I was curious about this film that's why I watched this film over the internet. The story is about a couple who experienced paranormal activities at home. I am not really sure whether these are really raw footages of what transpired in their lives. It was scary because each day of their lives the climax of the event builds up; until they came to a point wherein death happen to one of the couple (I think it was the guy). Such tragic story for a happy couple who are trying to live normal lives. The girl ended in an asylum after the guy was killed.

photo not mine thanks to Google

Now, the movie Paranormal Activity 2 is being shown in theaters. I would like to watch it too; in order to see which one is better. For more TCP entries, click here.


  1. Hello... T_T.. waaaaaaa.... From the title itself.. no way will i watch the movie... Have a Scary TCP!!!

  2. hi there, ive seen the second installment of this one and grabe ive had sleepless nights after watching.

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  3. I am not sure if i seen this but i think not yet.

    Visit mine too

  4. I had watched the movie, and it made me dizzy with those footages. But I believe it is not real raw footages. There's a disclaimer at the end of the film.


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