Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Together

This video was done a year ago, i am still proud to say that we are still "Happy Together"

My hubby and I have been living together for almost six years; but we only decided to take our vows of commitment two years ago. Today is our second wedding anniversary, nothing fancy prepared for the day. We believe that it does not need a special occasion to go out on a date. Although we have plans of going out for dinner later tonight (of course, it's with the kids).

For those people who really knew us, they can say that our relationship has been through a lot of trials and challenges (most especially for my part). Since the foundation of this relationship is God, I don't think there is anything that we cannot conquer. Many marriages failed nowadays (I should know, I've been through it before), but if you truly love your partner then there is no reason why marriage won't work.

It's hard to maintain good marriage, but if you know how to communicate with each other then it would be easier for both of you. Lately I have developed that skill of telling hubby what bothers me; and it feels good. Things are easily resolved if you open the communication line with your partner. When the other person speak, learn how to listen on what is the real message. Women would often need assurance and security; but take note that men needs it too they are not just vocal about it.

Of course, intimacy is important to keep the flame from burning. In our culture, women are submissive when it comes to this matter. But I think that is definitely wrong, sex is another way of communicating with your partner. It would be okay to tell your husband what you want and what you don't want. Then learn to compromise.

I am no expert when it comes to marriage, I had a failed marriage before this but I am glad to have found the one who understands my crazy whims, mood swings and lame reasoning. I thank God for giving me the right person, it's been two years now and we are still counting.

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