Sunday, October 24, 2010

To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo

I have been contemplating on putting a tattoo on either my back or foot; but I chickened out whenever the schedule of having a tattoo has arrived. In fact, me and hubby are planning to have tattoos on our left ring finger; this is in replacement of a wedding ring. We plan to have a tattoo ring to make sure that it would stay there for the rest of our lives.
My bro Warren
When I was younger, I am not the adventurous type who would try out new things that's why I never had the chance to get a tattoo back then. My brother Warren had his first tattoo when he was already a professional; after that first tattoo it seems to be very addicting because until now he continues to make his body a canvas.

Henna Tattoo on my left foot
I have tried some henna tattoos placed on my foot and at my back. Maybe soon I will have a real tattoo placed on my body; but I need to look for a design that I would not regret having for the rest of my life.

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