Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not Good at Time Management

It's been a month since I got this full time writing job and I am really very thankful for it. (Hmmm..who can resist a very nice offer?) I've been writing full time and also getting additional writing assignments from other bloggers; and did I mention that I am also a part-time Virtual Assistant? All of these jobs are courtesy of my boss, Fedhz..hihihi..Oh I forgot, I am also into writing ebook.
Did somebody mention that we only have 24 hours in one day? Geez! how can I squeeze in all these tasks in one day and at the same time be a Mom to my kids and a loving wife to my hubby? The answer is, I DON'T KNOW! With all these writing jobs plus the errands in running our entire household, my hands are definitely full everyday and even during the weekends. Sad to say but it means lesser time to enjoy watching movies with my family.
It is hard to manage time, and to be honest I am never good with time management. I am not sure with other writers, but for me, once the ideas are flowing inside my mind I need to write it or else; it would vanish into thin air. Things are made a lot easier because I have my kids (Jet, Gab and Jeon ) to help me in doing the household chores. My hubby who is not busy with work this time is also a big help. That is why whenever I get my payout, I have to make sure that we treat ourselves with a lot of yummy food.
I am working hard for the money to have something to spend for my kids. I would not want to burden my hubby with all the responsibilities in terms of our finances. As of now, I am enjoying my job and although I have little complaints because I can no longer have my siesta time, I am still very thankful for the additional income that we are receiving. I will do everything and anything for my kids, with or without my hubby to depend on (but thank God, he is there for me too!)

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