Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Grandparents Day

We have been used to celebrating Mother's Day as well as Father's Day; we even have what we call the Children's Day, thank goodness people have come to realized the importance of grandparents' role in our children's lives thus came the Grandparents Day.

Thank God we have grandparents to assist parents in raising their kids. Actually, grandparents are more of spoilers rather than disciplinarians. According to them, it's the parents job to discipline the kids and their roles are to be the kids' savior. My kids are very fortunate to have loving grandparents.

Their Lola Naty is the type of granny who would cook for them and make sure that they eat their meals on time. Lola's delicious cooking have been always compared to Mommy's newbie style of cooking. So whenever the kids crave for delicious food; off we go to Lola's place. It means day-off for Mommy too!

Mamita on the other hand is a real spoiler. Since she rarely sees the kids because she stays in Italy; whatever material wishes the kids would have, she would surely grant. Whenever she gets the chance to visit her grandchildren here in the Philippines, the kids are really excited about it.

Kudos also to Ima, who also treat my children as her own grandchildren. Since my mom can't be physically present for her grandchildren, she acts as their grandma. She also spoils my children and even helped me raised them during the tough times of my life. She loves my kids so much and she is very protective of them too.

I am very thankful that God has given my children loving grandparents. My husband and I could not replace the roles that they have in our children's lives. They help us instill values and build good character in our children. To Mamita, Ima and Lola Naty, Happy Grandsparents Day!

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