Saturday, September 25, 2010

Remembering Ondoy

One year after the devastation our country experience with typhoon Ondoy, I can say that a lot of the people who experienced the wrath of this typhoon have moved on. What happened last year was really unexpected; although we are already used to see our house flooded; that time was different.

Around lunchtime, the flood inside our house was already knee-deep. We thought that it was only because ours is a sunken living room. But within a couple of hours, the water level went higher. The once knee-deep flood was already up to the waist. We panicked, and immediately brought the kids out of the house as well as my hubby's grandma. After the kids were secured, it's time to secure our stuff. We helped one another in making sure that all clothes and appliances are unreachable by the flood.

By night time, the flood inside our house was already up to my shoulders ( I am 5'4" tall). It's a good thing that at the back of the house there was a second floor which looked like a nipa hut and was intended for family affairs. The kids are already up there safe and secured. We have placed all the things that we will be needing for the next couple of days until the flood subsides. Good thing though, electric power was not cut.

Early morning, our neighbor was shouting my hubby's name. He was informing him that the flood is still rising and it might reached the area of our computer shop. My hubby was reluctant to check because we know that the area where our computer shop is was never reached by flood. When we checked, to our disbelief it was only a couple of inches away from reaching the level of our computer tables. Our neighbors helped us to transfer our stuff in a much safer place. Checking inside the house, the water in the living area is already up to my neck. Totally unbelievable and really scary. The flood lasted for about 2-3 days. It was hard cleaning the entire house plus the computer shop after the flood has subsided. But we are thankful that no one was harmed. Nobody got sick and we were all safe. The typhoon Ondoy experience is something that I will always remember.

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