Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Looking For Potential Writers

I feel blessed to be able to get a home based job. Thanks to my boss Fedhz for trusting me with a project. There are so many tasks to finish and a lot of deadlines to meet. At first, it was difficult to manage time; but since I have the gift to write (according to boss Fedhz.. hehe) I am able to meet the quota of four articles per day along side with an e-book project.

A lot of projects are coming in, and at present my hands are full. So Fedhz and I are in search for potential writers to become part of our team. It pays good and on a per project basis. It's difficult to look for writers, because writing will eat up a lot of your free time. But come to think of it, I think researching through Google is much better and productive rather than staying online in Facebook and updating your status every now and then.

On my part, I can still enjoy Facebook while researching. I would like to believe that I am an expert in multi-tasking. To those interested in earning extra income, especially now that Christmas is in the air. If interested, you can just leave your comments and I will be glad to tell you all the details.

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