Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ads of Facebook

Since Facebook hits almost the same traffic as that of Google, many businesses found this avenue to be useful for them. In a normal Facebook page, on the right side of the screen are advertisements from different companies, organizations, groups and even certain personalities.
Most of the internet users are also Facebook account holders. For whatever reasons they may have in setting up a facebook account, these people log in to their account on a daily basis. It is either they want to get updates on the lives of the people in their network or they just want to enjoy the applications in Facebook.
An opportunity for product and services exposure was seen by the business people. However, to differentiate facebook .com ads from the ads that we see in other search engine site such as Google and Yahoo; ads used the keywords “Likes and Interests”. If you see the ads, you will see a like button below it.
So if you are interested on the advertisement, or agree on what you read; you can just hit the button like and it will show a thumb up sign. You can unlike the advertisement anytime as well. And if you want to get further details of the advertisement just click on the link. There you will have in-depth information about the certain products or services.
Now if you have a Facebook business account, ads allow you to create and advertise your own business. You can place a banner on a certain facebook page, an interesting copy will make Facebook users click on your link. And if you plan to create an ad, you should have a specific website wherein Facebook users will be directed to.
A Faceboook ad is consists of a maximum of 25 characters for the ad title, and the ad copy should make up to a maximum of 135 characters. With these limitations on your ad, you should be able to maximize it by making sure that it will catch the attention at least a portion of the Facebook users. Take into consideration your target market for your products and services. After you have decided to publish the advertisement, payment can easily be done using your plastic money.
This will be like a test, if your ad is beneficial to your product, then you can decide to continue the advertisement. If not, you can again come up with a more exciting and more interesting ads in order to generate more clicks on the advertisement.
Whether in Facebook or in any other sites in the internet, the ad title and the ad copy can be of big help on making your advertisement successful.  So think of the best ad title and ad copy that can boost the image and the market of your business or organization. Remember that Facebook users rarely check on the ads that they see, but if they read something interesting. They will surely find time to read about the advertisement.

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