Sunday, August 22, 2010

Proper Etiquette For Wedding Gifts

When a couple planned to exchange their “I do’s”, there are a lot of things to consider. After the engagement, it is proper to inform the bride’s parents first. However, to avoid future conflict, it is best that the couple plan a dinner for parents on both sides. This is the best time to inform them about the upcoming wedding. In preparing for the wedding, proper etiquette for weddings are to be considered to make sure that no one will feel unimportant during this special event.
Proper etiquette for weddings may include wedding invitation etiquette, wedding gift etiquette and even fashion etiquettes. For the wedding invitation, it is extremely tacky to put information like bridal registry. It is like expecting all your guests must come to the wedding with a gift. Although as a wedding guest, it is just but proper to give a gift to the newly weds if you are attending their wedding.  The best way and more subtle way to ask for a wedding present is to spread the word or information about your bridal registry at your bridal party. As a guest, if you received a wedding invitation with a reply date or an RSVP on it. You should inform the contact person whether you are attending or not. This will help in organizing the wedding reception much better.
If you are single and are invited to a wedding, never assume that it is okay to bring a date with you. If the invitation is addressed to you alone, it means that you are the only one invited. If you are close to the couple, you can inform them before hand about your plan of bringing in a date. Proper etiquette for weddings is extremely important. This is to avoid any unwanted circumstances that can possibly occur during the wedding.

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