Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Big Boy

My youngest son Jeon is now in Nursery, gone are the mornings of telling him to clean up his mess and put his toys inside the toy box once he is done. Now, my mornings are quite quiet and I felt kinda weird about it.

During his first month in school, I go with him and wait until his classes are through. But recently my hubby and I decided that we hire a school service to pick him up to and from the school. On his first day in school service, I was with him.

But when he saw that some of his classmates ride the school service alone, he requested to do it himself. It was a bit odd for him to request such, because he always wants to have Mommy by his side. I gave in to his request. I can still remember the date that was 21st of July; the first time my son went to school alone.

It was a big leap for my son, he is now starting to do things on his own. I thought I would love the "Me" time that I have; I can't help but to feel a bit sentimental about it. I know that sooner, my son will be a grown up man and would decide things for himself. My little big boy still enjoys mommy's kisses and hugs; I know pretty soon he will feel awkward in doing that.

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