Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eyes are Windows of the Soul

  I used to wear eye glasses when I was in school, but decided to discontinue wearing them when I had my first job. Mine was just a case of astigmatism which means I can still see and read things almost at the normal level. But now that I am a Work-at-home mom and I have been working online for more than a year now, I guess I need to have my new prescription eyeglasses.

That means I need to adjust my work schedule in order to visit optical shops like Zenni Optical. They offer stylish yet affordable eyeglasses like holiday themed frame, memory titanium and aluminum alloy. The eyeglasses also come in different colors such as burgundy, black, brown, blue, cedar and a lot more. Of course there are various shapes of frames that would perfectly complement the shape of the face. The eyeglasses frames are rectangle, oval, aviator and round, these frames are either full rim or half rim. There are even those which are like goggles, rimless and also sunshade.

I guess I need to look for the best optical shop for my eyeglasses, I will also get one for hubby who is also starting to work online. My middle child definitely needs one too.

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