Friday, July 22, 2011

Kids and Second Marriage

Most parents would worry that after divorce or annulment their kids would find it hard to cope up and be happy once again. But there are several studies that showed that kids become healthier and happier if they see their parents happy in the second marriage.

It is because the kids are now exposed to a happier union after either parents remarry. Being exposed to a happy second marriage is beneficial to kids and in the long run they may succeed in their marriage life too. Although most moms are hesitant to create a new family with their new found partner, it could turn out to be the best thing that can happen in your life. As a mom, you deserve to be happy and your kids deserve it too.

A step family is not something that moms would anticipate or look forward to. But it can be a blessing in disguise especially if you have found the right partner who would love you, your kids and all your flaws. I am happy to say that I found mine! He loves my kids and is eager to give them the bright future they deserve.

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