Wednesday, May 4, 2011

GT: Summer Vacation Trips

looks familiar? tunnel going to SBMA
 This week's GT is all about fun, fun, fun summer getaway. Among our other summer vacation trips; there is one unplanned summer getaway that I would never forget. It was a couple of summers ago, my youngest son was barely 2years old that time. We went on a road trip to Zambales to visit a relative and after a couple of hours of hi's and hello's; we headed back home (to Pampanga).
ooops..I wonder where Gab is?
We passed along many beach resorts in Subic, and the kids were chanting "swimming! swimming!" Although our usually strict Dad hushed them down. He drove to one of the resorts in Subic. Kids were so excited and after we settled in a nipa hut cottage. All my three boys removed their clothes and went to the beach. I had to call them back to put some sunscreen.
father and son
 Good thing, MommyLes was a Girl Scout :) I am always prepared! Whenever we go out, I always bring along with me extra clothes. In fact, our compartment looks like a closet. The kids enjoyed that particular summer of 2008. They will surely remember how their Dad try to give them everything they want.
while waiting for the kids
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  1. Zambales is really a place to visit! I love all the photos! Hope you can drop by my site and check out my post too. Thanks and see you around!

  2. I like unplanned getaways,spontaneous pero you get the most out of it! Glad you enjoyed it there...

  3. such fun summer memories :) Happy GT!

  4. Good to see you're enjoying summer!


    Have a nice day! :D

  5. that was a quick escapade but it brings so much fun. Mine is here Anne’s Sweet Life. Thanks

  6. When I saw the tunnel,i thought it's the tunnel in the Corregidor Island. :)

    GT:A Summer To Remember

  7. that was so much fun! and you surely did enjoy it..

    MINE's up!

  8. I never been there :( anyways, lovely pictures ate..

    Hope You can come and visit my Most Memorable Summer

  9. great family pics! Subic is totally a great place,although we didn't got the chance to go swimming while we were there.thanks for sharing! happy gt!

  10. Been there and I love the place... although its tiring because of a long travel... Thanks for dropping by.. Have a great weekend.

  11. that sure looks like a fun place

    hope you check out my GT entry here too, have a great week ahead
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  12. Ooh, Subic! I miss subic. Had fun times there, even when it was crowded and all. Dropping by from GT. :)

  13. unplanned getaways are most fun! i hope you get to have another one soon, looks like the whole family had a blast! :)

  14. that was fun! kids really love to swim anytime anywhere :)


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