Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Make a Happy Marriage

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 Hubby and I had our 6th wedding anniversary. Although it turned out as planned, it is okay with me because I know that there are more anniversaries to come. If you are looking forward to celebrating 50th wedding anniversary with your spouse, then you must find ways to keep the marriage happy even in times of adversities. Being married to your spouse does not mean that there would no longer be arguments or disagreements. There are times that you would disagree on certain issues that involves your family. But then again, agreeing to disagree is somehow healthy because you can come up with very good solutions to family concerns. Married life can be happier for you and your partner. Here are simple ways to make your husband or your wife happy:
  1. If your partner is at work or is not with you, send SMS during the day. Say how much you are looking forward to seeing your partner again.
  2. Cook dinner for your partner, even husbands can cook dinner for their wives especially during the weekends.
  3. Plant a kiss on his or her cheeks for no reason at all. Remember to always kiss your partner in the morning and before going to bed (even if you just had a fight).
  4. Ask about each other's activities during the day, take time to listen to rants if there are any.
  5. A good back rub or massage will soothe tired muscles, and touching your partner would make him or her feel special.
These things are very basic and there is no need to spend money in doing these things (except for cooking dinner of course ). Happy marriage would mean raising happy kids too!

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